Bringwear designed in ireland

Introducing Wallabelt

Our Wallabelt range came from our experience of meeting people for walks during lockdown and having nowhere to put our stuff!

An simple and affordable way to go hands-free when out and about!

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What is Bringwear?

Okay we made up a word!

Bringwear is how we describe our products, wearable items that make it easier for you to bring your  essentials with you on the go. 

Bring it. Wear it. Move it. 


I knew there must be a solution to carrying my phone on a run but didn't know what it was. I don't go anywhere without my Wallabelt now!


My Wallabelt is the best thing I've bought in ages. Such a simple idea but makes going for a walk so much more enjoyable!


Designed in Ireland

We have designed a range of products to make the storage on the go that bit easier.

From exercise to nights out to travelling, we've got you covered.

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